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As energy monitoring devices such as the kill a watt meter are becoming more common, and the need for energy efficient applicances growing; I have envisioned a web site maintained by users who post energy use information gathered about the appliances they use. today it is very difficult to get 'real' efficiency information on appliances today. Energy star standards are weak and do not mean anything. I never buy a product based upon that logo. Instead I take my kill a watt meter to the store and plug it in- and I am often very surprised by what products are actually the most efficient. Standards about what kind of info is accepted would need to be established so that products could be compared. I just bought a new washing machine and could post average watts per load. I could post my cpu energy use at idle and when being used. LCD monitors, ceiling fans, TV's, even phones could be listed.

I live off solar power supplemented by diesel generators and go through great pains to choose the most efficient product. For reasons explained in Chins article, reading the power supply requirements is not enough, and I must say that it is usually a crap shoot until you actually measure the devices power while in use.


Thanks for your offer, that is just exactly the sort of information I would like to post on this site.

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