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Is Hydrogen Fuel?

Many people point to hydrogen as the new clean fuel.

While it is true that using hydrogen in a fuel cell results in the ultimately clean water and carbon dioxide, there remains this vitally important question: where does the hydrogen come from?

Hydrogen can come from two types of source: one results in a true fuel, while the other amounts to a type of energy storage.

True Fuel

Hydrogen can be derived from organic sources such as methane or natural gas.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is a very hot topic these days - wind turbines seem to be growing like mushrooms, and wind farms are popping up everywhere.

Wind powered devices have been around for a long time - Dutch-style wind mills come to mind.

Hydro-Electric Energy

Hydro-electric generation has been around long before renewable energy was considered to be an important issue. It is capable of producing vast amounts of energy, and is endlessly renewable.

Types of Alternative Energy Production

Here is a list of some methods for creating renewable energy:

Separate articles briefly summarize each type of energy source.

Sub-metering – Dangerous for Energy Savings

Article by Hugues de Milleville

Energy Management

One way to reduce energy consumption, is to manage the devices and appliances that consume energy.

Energy Efficient Computers

energy-efficient-computerWith so much talk about reducing electricity consumption, it is well worth thinking about your computer.


Links to Websites About Energy Efficiency


spcr forum - green computing

Reduce Energy Consumption

This section contains information to help you use less energy.

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